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Christel House positively impacts communities

Parents are an important component of the Christel House model. Regular parent-teacher workshops involve parents in their child's development, creating a parent-teacher team that works together for the best interests of the child. Community programmes on hygiene and illness prevention are offered by medical professionals.

As their contribution to the education of their child, parents are asked to volunteer 40 hours at the school annually. They assist with gardening, cooking and laundry services. A thrift movement teaches parents the importance and habit of saving.


See how Christel House Naya Raipur offers computer classes to older students in the community. Click here.

At Christel House we get a free education and food. I have a lot of fun at school. If we are unwell they take us to the hospital and look after us.

-Kamna B.(Grade 2) Christel House India - Naya Raipur