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Education has always been the pathway to a better life

Our children come from backgrounds where attending school is often an unattainable dream. Most parents have little or no formal education, and the learning process for children is fraught with challenges. To ensure that our students do not become discouraged, Christel House uses creative and innovative approaches to teaching. As students advance, the curriculum becomes more challenging, emphasizing academic rigor that prepares them to excel in their chosen careers.

The medium of instruction is English, and children learn English beginning in kindergarten. Hindi and Kannada are also part of the curriculum. A robust arts program provides students with the opportunity to express their emotions within the school's safe and supportive environment. Music classes begin at a young age, and computer training starts in Grade 1. 

Christel House is completely different from other schools. It is over here that we have the opportunity to truly mold these children as they have no background in education or support from their families. The children are very affectionate and it is a privilege to be a part of such an institution.”

-Shaista Khan (Grade 1 - English & Mathematics Teacher)

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